Electronic Medical Record Questionnaire--Tampa General Hospital Dear Emergency Physician or Nurse, We are conducting an anonymous survey concerning the new electronic medical record that has been put into operation in Tampa General's emergency department. As the primary users of the system we are studying how satisfied you are concerning a number of different aspects of the electronic medical record. our responses on the enclosed questionnaire are greatly appreciated and will remain completely anonymous. The questionnaires are separated only on the basis of whether you are a nurse or a physician. Resident physician responses will NOT be separated form attending physician responses, and will hence remain anonymous. Please do not put any personal identifiers on your questionnaire. By not placing personal identifiers on the questionnaire, your responses will be insured to remain anonymous from program directors or supervisors. Participation or lack of participation will have NO effect on any evaluation of job performance. Thank you. Richard Paula MD, Marisa Haney MS4, David Gerber MS4