Exit Questionnaire for Graduating Students
College of Public Health, University of South Florida

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We congratulate you on your upcoming graduation from the College of Public Health! 
In order for us to evaluate your experience as a student in the College and to improve our future programmatic and service-related efforts we are asking that you complete this exit survey.
This survey is needed for graduation certification
When you have completed the survey, you will be taken to a form that will allow you to add your name to the list of students who have competed this exit survey.  You can not be certified for graduation if your name is not on this list.
This is an anonymous survey.  Aggregate data are reported only and all responses are anonymous.  Faculty and Administrators do not have access to these data.  Reports are produced on a yearly basis.
The survey contains 60 questions and should take you about 20 minutes to complete.  Again, thank you for your time.